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who we are

Let us introduce ourselves! We are a forever young traveling Dutch couple, Marijn [Mah-ry-an] and Femke [Fem-kah], and we are TAITA Travel. We met each other in a small city office and decided to take a break from the job in 2011. Since then we’ve done a whole lot of traveling! 

Our journey took off in Mexico and we ended up working in a Costa Rican surfers paradise. After hosting in one of the nicest surf resorts in the world, we then went further South to discover our own small piece of paradise. It was then that we found San Pedro!

what we do

shift consciousness

to that which best serves you and shed that which doesn’t serve you


with who you truly are, your purest and most beautiful self

wake up

to what is most important in your life, ready to walk your path

our retreats...

Are for your personal development and set in the most inspiring destinations we have encountered. We offer you a chance to be free, explore and find the best version of you through activities in nature, yoga, meditation and authentic San Pedro ceremonies… and let us tell you, the San Pedro cactus is a beauty and a wise one. After our first ‘journey for the soul’, we discovered what an ‘entheogen’ is: “a substance that induces a spiritual experience and is aimed at personal growth”. The word originates from the Greek language and means ‘to become one with God’.*

Yes! That’s right!

personal development...

During our San Pedro journeys,  we ourselves have met our divine part. This is also the experience of many fellow travellers. That’s why San Pedro is a sacred medicine that has been used for over 2000 years. We feel San Pedro shifts your consciousness to that which best serves you and sheds that which does not serve you, reconnects you with who you truly are and awakens you to that what is most important in your life.

you are safe...

We will be there to make sure you are safe, feel comfortable, and are not running short on anything! On the non-ceremony days, we will take you from yoga and meditation, to surf, hikes and other thrilling outdoor activities. This is our way of sharing the beauty and wisdom that nature has to offer and thereby contribute to a better world.

*If you have an allergy towards the word ‘God’, we do understand. You can replace it with Source, Universe or whatever works for you, or nothing at all. We are not referring to  any religion when we talk about God. So don’t worry, it’s not ‘God-camp’ and we will not bother you with it.

TAITA means... 'Wise One'

A Taita is a wise person who holds the secrets to the universe, knows universal ancient wisdom and communicates with spirits through their own traditional medicines. They heal mind, body, spirit and soul. . He or she is the person that guides a community to live as brothers and sisters in harmony.

Taita comes from the Quechua language, which is spoken by the indigenous people in parts of South America such as Ecuador and Peru where the San Pedro cactus originates from. The San Pedro cactus has been used by Taita’s for over 2,000 (and some sources say even 3,000) years as a healing plant.We choose the name TAITA Travel, because we believe in the healing power of this cactus. 

San Pedro is a TAITA on its own that will guide you on your journeys and give you a better understanding of yourself. Through working with San Pedro, your consciousness will expand to a higher level. Even if you were to partake without a specific intention, you will have a better understanding of who you are. Because of that, you will find more peace, balance and harmony in life.


If you are interested in personal development and what plant medicine can offer you, and you would like to try this in a safe and beautiful nature setting with us as your guides then we are here for you. Our experienced team will make sure you’ll have all that you need. There will be a lot of room for fun, healing and / or quiet reflection. There are absolutely no obligations… just going with the flow!



how to book a retreat...

On the destination page you can choose the retreat and date of your liking. Please fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (give us a day or two). If you have any questions about the retreat please check the FAQ section or send us an email and you will hear from us! 

how to reach us...

We are here for you! You can always send us an email with your questions to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible (give us a day or two). If you prefer to talk to us face to face we can arrange a meeting either in person or on skype. Please send us an email!

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