At TAITA Travel we provide a safe environment and have a loving, experienced team to take care of you. We make it our top priority that you are well taken care of, before during and after your stay with us.

We believe that a good preparation is absolute key to a positive and meaningful experience with San Pedro and your time at our retreat, that is why we have various contact moments before your travel, where we will provide you with all information you will need (and more) and discuss any questions, doubts or fears you have. So if you are in need of more information before deciding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

At the retreat we make it clear to everyone what behavioural guidelines we expect of you. This way, we co-create a safe playground for everyone present. During your stay we’ll have one-on-one meetings, where we will discuss your experiences, progress and address concerns, if any.

After your retreat we will have various contact moments to check in and help you with the integration process. We alway say: “The real work start’s when you get back to the ‘real world’.” And yes that is true, because you will experience, learn and grow a lot during your retreat and for all of that to stick and be applied in your everyday life we are there to guide you along the way.


Are there any contraindication for (people who shouldn’t drink) San Pedro cactus?

You should not partake in a San Pedro ceremony if you:

  • are allergic or hypersensitive for mescaline, or other substances of the cactaceae family
  • have or had experienced borderline, schizophrenia, psychosis or have been hospitalized in a psychiatric institution
  • are pregnant
  • take medication like anti-depressants (please contact us)
  • * are experiencing an addiction at this moment like alcohol, meth, crack etc. (smoking cigarettes excluded)(please contact us)
  • experience an extreme high or low blood pressure or take medication for this
  • experience heart/blood vessels disorders (cardiac arrhythmias) or take medication for this
  • experience diabetes and take medication for this
  • experience liver and/or gut related diseases
  • take any medications such as antihistamines/ sleep medication/ chlorpromazine/ phenothiazines/ immunomodulators (please contact us)
  • have a bleeding ulcer

IMPORTANT: Please contact us when you are in doubt!


What can I expect when I drink San Pedro cactus?

San Pedro is a different experience for each and every one who drink, which makes it’s hard to say what one can expect. With that said, in our experience, this plant medicine works specially with re-connecting us with all parts lost, forgotten or severed from the heart (or source). It can look very different for each person, just like our lives, experiences and emotions can be similar to each other’s but in the end are very individual ways of being and perceiving. We recommend one to have an intention coming into the ceremony, but also to leave it at the circle and allow San Pedro to unfold in its unexpected ways.

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