Portugal retreat 2020

Reconnect with nature and discover the best version of you!

Of all places in Portugal, Quinta da Lontra is definitely the one worth sharing with you! This beautiful hideout is run by a lovely family, completely off-grid and self-sustainable. It is set amidst the Mondego River, rolling hills and lush green forests with the Estrella mountain range as your backyard. This is the perfect place for our Portugal retreat to get away, re-orientate and prioritize. That’s why we want to bring you here, share the beautiful San Pedro experience, relax the mind and body through yoga and meditation and reconnect with nature.

You can expect...

– daily yoga, meditation and pranayama practice
 San Pedro ceremonies with personal guidance
– massage therapy with sound healing
– workshops such as group hypnotherapy and Mystery School discussions
– choice of multiple activities such as mountain biking, horseback riding, climbing, kayaking


"It was not just the plant medicine but also the connection with the people that made it so special for me"
"It was the first time for me and has been a beautiful experience"
"I discovered that I’m much stronger than I thought I was!"
Crystal child
"I reached a big mile stone at this retreat from the yoga, meditation and the San Pedro medicine"
Fatty Bear
World traveller
"I have a very busy job and came here just for ‘being’ and that is exactly what I found"

accommodation during the Portugal retreat

Choose the comfort level that suits you best. We offer different kinds of accommodations to fit each and everyone’s style of travel. (Please see prices for the different packages.)

The Guesthouse is set along the riverside with views of the water and the gardens. The upper house hosts  five guests in two seperate rooms and has its own kitchen and bathroom. The lower house is a private double with it’s own bathroom, kitchen and veranda.

The two Mongolian Yurts have an authentic feel to them that will maximise your retreat experience. Decorated with comfort, this luxury tent feels like home the moment you enter. The yurt can sleep two singles or a couple, but if you want it all to yourself we can make that happen too.

Our favourite way of staying here is in either one of the Domes. This geometric cabin of the future is one that holds incredible energy. Furnished with comfortable beds this spacious tent holds everything you need to rest well. Each dome can sleep two singles or a couple, but if you want it all to yourself we can make that happen too.

San Pedro ceremonies during the Portugal retreat

You will be able to partake in two San Pedro ceremonies during your weeks stay. The ceremonies will be held by an experienced healer and facilitator of sacred medicine ceremonies — our very good friend Darby. She has been working with the sacred plant medicines for several years and was called specifically to San Pedro to complete her shamanic training. She truly understands this plant and what it’s capable of medicinally and spiritually, and she’s a specialist in helping people navigate the medicine when needed. This is great news for anyone new to sacred plant medicines.

Darby will also be around on the non ceremony days in service to anyone who would like an one-on-one consult with her to discuss their San Pedro experiences.  

The extraordinary thing about Darby is that she wants to bring as many people as she can to San Pedro and therefore does not ask payment for her services as healer and facilitator. We however feel that a generous donation for her work is much appreciated so we encourage you to ‘tip’ according to your experience and what you are comfortable with.

To read more about the method of ceremony we hold please read here

yoga, meditation, pranayama and massage during the Portugal retreat

Inhale, relax, exhale!… Yoga is the perfect way to connect body and mind. Classes will be provided daily that will contribute to your San Pedro experience and overall well being. The guided meditations and breathing exercises are specifically designed to prepare you for the day and to work through your experiences with the San Pedro medicine. 

We have added to this a full body massage with sound healing. Our massage specialist clears up any tension you might have and gets your energy flowing. One thing is for sure, you will feel connected and stronger than ever.

workshops during the Portugal retreat

The several workshops that we organize are there to explore new ideas and concepts you want to learn more about, and how to integrate all the valuable lessons for when you go ‘back to the real world.’  

There will be two hypnotherapy sessions during this week: this is where the conscious and subconscious mind meet. All designed for discovering the best version of you by letting go of things that no longer serve you and integrating all new insights, lessons or inspirations.

There will also be plenty of room for teachings, discussions and asking all kinds of questions during our ‘Mystery School’ discussion workshops. Here we will highlight interesting topics like sacred geometry, energy work, chakra centers or anything that is a topical subject within the group. All workshops are, of course optional. 

food & drinks during Portugal retreat

When we can, we will cook completely organic and vegetarian meals form local produce. Eating healthy and delicious meals will definitely contribute to your retreat experience. All meals are included; breakfast, lunch and dinner and we will serve healthy snacks when appropriate.

On ceremony days we do not serve breakfast, as San Pedro will be competing for first place in your stomach. We do however serve tea, coffee and some fruit if you like (not recommended). During your journey you’ll have access to as much water and tea as you like. For lunch we serve the most delicious bowl of fruit you will have ever had and for dinner a healthy soup that will revitalize your very being.

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks. Keep in mind to shop prior to the retreat as there are no shops around once we get to Quinta da Lontra. Also keep in mind that we encourage sharing everything because sharing is caring. We ask you not to bring alcohol as we are dealing with a sacred plant medicine and people and their healing process, and drinking alcohol just seems to gets in the way of that.

facilities during the Portugal retreat

Quinta da Lontra offers everything a modern day resort needs to offer and does it the right way!

  • Sun powered electricity
    There is electricity and it is all energy from the sun!
  • Fresh water from the spring
    The best tasting fresh water you will taste and it all comes from the natural spring that sits on the property
  • Kitchen and Lounge area
    There is a large and cosy outdoor kitchen where we will prepare all meals and snacks. The kitchen is  outfitted with a large table where we will eat family style, and comfortable couches for lounging till sun down
  • Compost toilets from the future
    Who ever thought compost toilets could be clean and not smell… These composting toilets are done the right way and will change your mind!
  • Outdoor showers
    Shower outside with an indoor feel… or was it the other way around… Anyway, more important, they are hot if you need them to be and cool if your looking for refreshment.
  • Limited WiFi
    There is some WiFi… but not to keep your fans on instagram up-to-date on every other thing you are doing… It’s time to be with yourself, no distractions and fully be in the moment. Of course you will have the opportunity to be in touch with your loved ones and share your experience!

activities during the Portugal retreat

It’s when being out in nature that we feel most alive! For me (Marijn) there is no better way to feel connected and experience inner peace. During the retreat we will go for a beautiful group hike through the surrounding forests and hills. No worries, it’s not a very intensive hike, anyone can do it, it will just feel excellent to be out and to do something physical. For the adventurer amongst us there are plenty of options to exercise. Think about mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking to name a few. All activities can be organised for an extra fee.

how to get to the Portugal retreat

How you get to Portugal is on you, but of course we are here to help you and give you advice. It is easiest to fly to Lisbon or Porto. There are multiple airlines that fly from different (major) cities in Europe and around the world to either of these Portuguese cities. We’ve had good experiences with the following low budget operators Vueling, Easyjet and Ryanair, sometimes flying from European cities for not more than €40,- each way.

From either Lisbon or Porto there is an easy train and/or bus connection to Carregal do Sal for no more than € 20,-. We will help you with your reservation and meet you in Carregal do Sal, any time after noon. From there we will take you on a beautiful ride to our destination Quinta da Lontra. Here the rest of the team will be waiting for you with refreshments.

We can advise you to fly in a day or two earlier and check out the beautiful city of Lisbon, Porto or Coimbra. All of these cities have some great districts to explore, are rich with historical buildings, arts and craft shops, markets, (sea)food restaurants and cafe’s and bars. Local prices are reasonably cheap, there are lots of hostels and hotels or you can get a great airbnb deal. If you are interested, let us know, then we can help you with your search.

Also, it is reasonably cheap to rent a car in Portugal. If you are planning to stay longer, either before or after the retreat we suggest you rent a car to explore the coast and countryside. If this is the case we will send you the location of Quinta da Lontra so you can navigate yourself there easily.

Prices for the Portugal retreat

We offer four packages of comfort level and please remember… prices are per person!

Early bird prices till 7-2-2020

shared accommodation with shared bathroom

Early bird / Standard
€ 870 / € 920

private accommodation for 2 with shared bathroom

Early bird / Standard 
€ 930 / € 980

private accommodation alone with shared bathroom OR private accommodation for 2 with private bathroom

Early bird / Standard
€ 1010 / € 1060

Deluxe (only one left)
private accommodation alone with private bathroom

Early bird / Standard
€ 1070 / € 1120

Included in these packages of the Portugal retreat are:

– pick-up and drop-off from Carregal do Sal train- or busstation
– 6 night stay at the beautifull Quinta da Lontra in Dome, Yurt or Guesthouse
– all food: breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks (except food of your preference that we do not serve)
– all drinks: tea, coffee, water, fresh juices (except alcohol and drinks of your preference that we do not serve)
– two San Pedro ceremonies (ex. donation for San Pedro specialist)
– individual consult with San Pedro specialist
– yoga, meditation and pranayama practice designed to enhance connection between body, mind and spirit
– massage therapy with sound healing
– workshops such as group hypnotherapy and Mystery School
– choice of multiple activities for an extra fee such as mountain biking, horseback riding, climbing, kayaking

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