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When you book your trip with us, we have everything arranged from the moment you land and the meeting point from where we take you to the retreat location. This means you don’t have to worry about anything and you are well taken of. From delicious meals, to fun activities outside, and everything else that you’re looking for during this special retreat, we want you to have a great time. We want you to feel comfortable, that’s why we invest a lot of time of answering all your questions and you already get to know us through a webinar before you get on your plane! Please scroll through these FAQ about the San Pedro cactus and maybe you’ll already find your answer here.

Is San Pedro cactus the right plant for me?

Yes, yes and yes. In our experience, everyone who has tried San Pedro (and we have seen quite a few) had a grateful experience. This very intelligent cactus seems to give everyone exactly what he or she needs at that time. That is literally what we’ve heard a lot of people say after their journey. However! There are some contra-indications, especially if you’re on medications and/or experiencing (or have in the past) mental health issues, please read all about that here.

What can I expect when I drink San Pedro cactus?

Every journey is different for everyone, so sometimes it’s hard to explain what to expect or what is a good reason to partake in a ceremony. Because there are so many good reasons to join, you could just be curious, want to know more about life’s purpose, feel connected with yourself and everything around you, change thought patterns that stop you from being who you want to be, break a negative cycle, want answers to questions you have, start a new phase or direction in life, experience self-love, work through trauma, time travel… just to name a few. The beauty of working with this cactus is that, as we have experienced, it gives you exactly what you need at that moment in you life.

What is the difference between San Pedro Catus and Ayahuasca?

You might have heard of San Pedro’s ‘colleague’ and more ‘well know’ plant teacher Ayahuasca. Or maybe you’re new to all of this! Both are plants that hold jewels of wisdom. Both will take you on a journey of exploration.  Although they’re ‘colleagues’ or ‘cousins’ in the world of sacred plants, there are some significant differences between the two. Hopefully this overview will help you to see which plant suits you, or you would like to try them both. Please keep in mind these are generalisations and are here to give you an idea, but don’t have be true for you or your neighbor!

San Pedro

Journey usually takes 8-12 hours

Physical (side) effects:
About 1 out 8 people feel like purging,
more likely to have a emotional purge.

Ceremony setting:

Almost always during the day. The first hours you’ll probably feel like laying down and can have visions even with open eyes, you’ll feel energetic enough to move around and explore the world; very much experiencing the environment.

The Journey:

Described often as being very grounding, feeling connected with your heart and everyone, thing, being, energie, source, life form, around you and obtaining a better understanding of who we are and why you are here.


Has a reputation for being gentle, loving and profound.



Journey usually takes 4-7 hours

Physical (side) effects:
About 9 out of 10 people feel like purging.


Ceremony setting:
Almost always at night in complete darkness, you are laying down continuously during your journey with your eyes closed, a shaman will sings and perform rituals to guide you through your journey.

The Journey:

Described often as cosmic and/or astral with an outer body experience looking at your life and obtaining a new perspective(s) and/or definition of who you are.



Often described as being tuff but profound.

What will a San Pedro cactus ceremony day look like?

We will circle up and start the ceremony in the morning around 10.00. Everybody will get a personal energetic cleansing from the shaman, you don’t need to do anything except be present. Once the ceremony has been opened, and cleansings are complete,  we drink together. The shaman and helpers don’t drink, but are at your service! You can share your intention for that day, or you can keep it to yourself. After about 40 minutes you’ll feel like you want to lie down, and we strongly encourage you to do that, especially outside in nature. We also strongly encourage you to take some personal space for your journey and respect each others’ privacy. Limit the distractions to a minimum, but bring music with headphones if you like. The shaman and helpers will check on you from time to time and will do anything they can to make you comfortable (except peeing, that you’ll have to do yourself… and yes, you’ll be able to walk! 🙂  

The first couple of hours you are likely to experience a dream-like state. After that, you’ll be a more energetic and you may feel like moving around a little bit. There will be fruit, water and tea available for you all day. Around 20.00 we gather for the closing of the ceremony. Here you can share your experience (or not, no pressure) and we’ll have an amazing soup for you. After closing, you can chill, do whatever feels right, maybe journal or go to bed.

Is it scary to drink the San Pedro cactus?

From my personal experience, I (Femke) know now that it is not scary to drink San Pedro, although I always have (and still do) feel a little anxious the morning of the ceremony. Healthy anxious, though and that’s perfectly normal.

My first time, I was scared sh*tless. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on drinking myself but I just went along for the ride with Marijn and was planning to read a book that day. But after I met and talked to Steve (the Ecuadorian Shaman) I changed my mind and decided to drink after all. And I am so glad I did. The whole day of my first ceremony, I felt like I was laying in Mother Nature’s lap. She just held me. I did shed some tears, but all from gratitude. The next day, we decided to stay for another ceremony… then another, and another and… here we are.

Are there any contraindication for (people who shouldn’t drink) San Pedro cactus?

You should not partake in a San Pedro ceremony if you:

  • are allergic or hypersensitive for mescaline, or other substances of the cactaceae family
  • have or had experienced borderline, schizophrenia, psychosis or have been hospitalized in a psychiatric institution
  • are pregnant
  • take medication like anti-depressants
  • are experiencing an addiction at this moment like alcohol, meth, crack etc. (smoking cigarettes excluded)
  • experience an extreme high or low blood pressure or take medication for this
  • experience heart/blood vessels disorders (cardiac arrhythmias) or take medication for this
  • experience diabetes and take medication for this
  • experience liver and/or gut related diseases
  • take any medications such as antihistamines/ sleep medication/ chlorpromazine/ phenothiazines/ immunomodulators
  • have a bleeding ulcer

IMPORTANT: Please contact us when you are in doubt!

I have never tried any hallucinogenic before, can I try San Pedro cactus?

Absolutely! The best way you can prepare yourself for a journey is a good night’s rest and to eat a light meal the evening before and a light breakfast in the morning. As with most things in life actually, being well prepared really makes the difference. At TAITA Travel we provide a safe environment and have a loving team to take care of you. That’s also why we have some  behavioral guidelines we would like you follow and ask you to sign an agreement so you know what behavioral guidelines we expect of you. This way, we co-create a safe playground for everyone present.


Why should I come with TAITA Travel?

If you are interested in a bit of adventure… if you’re curious about the sacred plant medicines, and if you would like to try all this in a beautiful nature setting where you can also experience all that a ‘normal vacation’ would proved, our experienced team at TAITA Travel will make sure you’ll have all that you need. And there will be a lot of room for fun or quiet reflection. No obligations, a lot of going with the flow.

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