Don’t worry! We fully understand how difficult it is to plan ahead right now with the Covid craziness! That is why we have upgraded our cancellation policy. 

Cancellation policy *COVID-19 Related*

We understand this is a weird time to plan a trip. We want to be as flexible around it as we can. So, if you need to cancel because of COVID-19 regulations – and ONLY because of regulations unknown prior to booking with us – you will get a voucher that is valid one whole lifetime (this one), for your down payment. The rest of the amount, we intend to pay back to you in full. If in any case this is financially not possible due to already made expenses, we will turn this amount into a ‘lifetime’ voucher for you to use for another scheduled retreat in Portugal or for a personalized retreat with us in Spain. Under no circumstances will you ‘lose your money!’

Cancellation policy *Other reasons*  

If you need to cancel your trip with us for other reasons then COVID-19 regulations, our normal cancellation policy applies.

  • Cancel up to 8 weeks before the arrival date, you will receive your payment back MINUS the deposit.
  • Cancel up to 6 weeks before the arrival date, you will receive 50% of your payment back. 
  • Cancel up to 4 weeks before arrival date, you will receive 25% of your payment back.
  • Cancel 4 weeks or less before the arrival date, you will not receive a refund.

    Depending on ‘why’ you cancel your trip we may offer you an alternative.

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