For those new to plant medicine we can imagine you might want to know what a ceremony with San Pedro might look like. Let us give you an idea of how we hold our ceremonies, and please keep in mind that this is our approach of how we like to share the sacred medicine.



Probably the first thing you want to know is how to prepare before ceremony. We start the day with with meditation and some light yoga movement. This gets you in the zone, will calm your mind, connect you with your heart and loosen the body.   


We skip breakfast on ceremony days because we want to allow the medicine to begin working with you directly, instead of first “competing” with the contents of your stomach (if you imagine everything holding a vibrational frequency, food included, maybe you can see how those energies must first be excluded by the medicine, when it’s initially “scanning” your system to see what needs to be brought up to attention) and… 

Also in our experience, about one in eight will have a physical purge. We find that having breakfast increases the risk of experiencing nausea and/or purging… so best skip it!

We do offer hot beverages in the kitchen area before heading down to open the ceremony at around 10AM. Before entering the ceremonial space, everybody will get a personal energetic cleansing, or a smudge (the practice of burning sage (or other herbal materials) has been used in ceremonial settings for thousands of years, to lift negative energies from a person, a group or a space) from the ceremony guide. 

Feeling the effect
Once the ceremony has been opened, we drink together and everyone who wants to can share their intention for the day. After about 40 minutes you’ll feel like you want to lie down, and we strongly encourage you to do that. The nature around the ceremony space is beautiful, and offers many spots for you to dive deep into your own experience. 

During the day
The ceremony guide and helpers will check on you from time to time to make sure you feel safe and have everything you need. They’ll do anything they can to make your day flow as comfortably as possible. (Getting tea or blankets, guiding through a process, being a swimming buddy or just keeping company and holding space for you). 

The first couple of hours you are likely to experience a dream-like state. After that, you’ll be more energetic and you may feel like moving around a little bit. Water and tea will be available for you the whole day and a delicious bowl of fruit will be served for a snack around lunchtime.  

Closing the day

Around 6 PM we gather for the closing of the ceremony. Here, everyone who wants to, can share something about their day. There’s no pressure to do so, and we have more time to share over dinner. We’ll serve an amazing (yes, that’s a promise!) soup and the rest of the evening is yours. In the common area we have seen people chill out, paint, play guitar and sing together, drink tea until late and we’ve heard many laughs travelling down the hills of the property.  


This time of “after-glow” can also be a beautiful time for journaling and contemplating your day in solitude. But also, after a day like this, sometimes crawling into bed is exactly what one needs! 

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