We strongly believe that only you can know what is truly right for you so, if you listen to your intuition you will know if it is or isn’t.  We do want to mention however, that to this day, we still haven’t met anyone (and we’ve met quite a few) who regretted coming to the medicine. Somehow, San Pedro knows exactly what you need at the time, no matter if we ourselves are aware of what that really is beforehand. Many have expressed their surprise over how intuitively the plant works and how different the journey was from their expectations.  

Why should I drink San Pedro?

There are as many reasons to drink the medicine as there are people coming to drink it. It is a very intuitive plant, who seems to know how to adapt the experience so you can receive the teachings in the most profound way possible. In this day and age, more and more people confirm a feeling many of us have felt at some point. An indescribable emptiness, a loss of direction, a loss of connection to our hearts and/or emotions.  

We’ve seen (and experienced for ourselves) people break negative thought and/or behavioral patterns that didn’t serve them anymore, experience self-love, find their life’s purpose, find connection again to themselves and the world around, work through trauma, find profound answers to the big questions in life and deeply connect to their hearts. We’ve seen those who have come just for curiosity’s sake and found answers to questions they didn’t know they had.  

San Pedro can offer clarity on how to start a new phase or find a new direction in life. It can help us see ourselves from new perspectives, help us find forgiveness, compassion and ease. It can illuminate the feeling of darkness so we can see what really lies in the corners of our beings. It helps us bring all those parts back into our periphery so we can integrate what at some point has been disconnected from us.  

The beauty of working with this sacred plant is that, as we have experienced, it gives you exactly what you need at that moment in your life when you seek it out. 

Is it scary to drink the San Pedro cactus?

From personal experience, we now know that it is not scary to drink San Pedro, although we always have (and still do) feel a little anxious before ceremony. Healthy anxious, though and that’s perfectly normal.

Here are some personal stories from our team:


“My first time, I was scared sh*tless. In fact, I wasn’t even planning on drinking myself but I just went along for the ride with Marijn and was planning to read a book that day. But after I met and talked to the facilitator, I changed my mind and decided to drink after all. And I am so glad I did. The whole day of my first ceremony, I felt like I was laying in Mother Nature’s lap. She just held me. I did shed some tears, but all from gratitude. The next day, we decided to stay for another ceremony… then another, and another and… here we are.”


“For me there was definitely a lot of apprehension around drinking San Pedro the first time. I had just come from a 20-day long Ayahuasca retreat, where my Shaman had advised me against participating in any plant ceremonies for at least six months. About two weeks later, I had decided to follow my intuition despite deeply trusting my Ayahuasca-shamans wisdom. So, I was pretty nervous going into the first ceremony. I had no reason to be, I found out. We were introduced to each other and I asked if I could just enjoy my day, instead of doing hard work. San Pedro said yes, and all I remember is sitting for hours on the same spot, watching the mountains, the clouds and all the insects breathing and dancing the dance of life. It hasn’t always been as easy. I’ve had to meet many, (for me) scary parts of myself and my shadow sides. It has felt overwhelming sometimes, and I have cried a lot. But what I remember most vividly from all my journeys is the gratitude, the love, the deep appreciation for life. I’ve learned that fear is not real, but what lies on the other side of it is.” 


There are some contra-indications, especially if you’re on medications and/or experiencing (or have in the past) mental health issues, please read all about that here.

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